The Most Popular Modification Styles

When customizing and modifying a car, there is no right or wrong. Every single enthusiast has their own style and preferences when it comes to their car. Someone likes big wheels, someone likes a loud audio system and someone likes a two-toned car… There are certain styles of modification depending on your preferences and liking. Here are some of the most popular modification styles today.

Rat style

This is maybe one of the first modification styles, and it’s still accepted today. It all began in the 1930s in America when a couple of young enthusiasts wanted to make a Hot Rod. Performance was the priority of their build and they didn’t care about the cars looks. The whole idea was to buy a used car as cheaply as possible and swap the stock engine with a V8. Power and speed were their only concern. Today, rat styled cars look like they were taken from the wreckers or like they weren’t driven for 15-20 years. Rust and poor bodywork are a symbol of rat styled cars, but the car itself is working perfectly. In Europe, the most common rat styled cars are the VW golf mk1, VW beetle, old Audis and BMWs. Chromed engine parts, wide rims and an extremely low ride height are also common in this modification style.

Rat style auto


This style of modification is getting more popular every day. The car should look like stock, and the more common it looks the better. The whole point of this modification style is to massively boost the power and performance of the car without changing its factory look. Most sleeper cars have their stock engines swapped for more powerful ones, usually with 2JZ engines or pre-modified ones. Driving such a car is extremely fun, especially if you love going to drag races. You can only imagine the look on someone’s face when you put your foot down in your ‘’unmodified’’ car. Some of the best cars for this modification style are Skoda Octavia, VW Bora, VW golf mk4, Seat Ibiza TDI sport, Mitsubishi Galant, Volvo V70 R, old Mercedes cars…

JDM Style

JDM stands for Japan Domestic Market. It’s easy to say which cars can be modified in JDM style. Nissans, Toyotas, Mazdas and similar Japanese cars are the most common in this style. In short terms, JDM styled cars are usually lowered, with race parts and equipment fitted. It’s also common to see a flag of Japan somewhere on the car, even on the inner side of the bonnet. You just make the car as Japanese as possible. If you can even import a real Japanese car, built for the Japanese market, you are on the way to building a true JDM machine.

Suspension Parts for Better Handling

A car’s suspension is very complex. The main function is to connect the car to the wheels, but there is a huge number of factors that depend on the suspension setup. People usually think that handling and ride quality are the only things suspension is used for, but they are wrong.

When changing or upgrading your suspension, it’s really important to use high-quality parts and buy parts that are compatible with your existing parts. The most common suspension upgrade is lowering. Stock shock absorbers can be used with lowering springs, and Eibach spring are the most used ones in the car tuning & styling community.

The first choice of car enthusiasts

The first choice and most used lowering springs in the world are the PRO-KIT performance springs. This kit was initially manufactured to be compatible with most stock shock absorbers. With this kit, you get a drop up to 40mm, a lower centre of gravity and a more aggressive look of your car. A lower car actually has better traction, it can go around corners faster and the lower centre of gravity shortens braking distance. It is the best upgrade you can do regarding looks, stability and performance. Some people even say that their cars had better mileage after lowering.

The second step to upgrading your suspension

After upgrading your springs, the next step would be to install an ANTI-ROLL KIT. With this upgrade you will have the feeling like driving on train tracks. Even when the car is lowered, there are centrifugal forces pulling and rolling your car, especially when you’re cornering or changing direction suddenly.  With the ANTI-ROLL KIT from Eibach, you get even better handling and stability. It is manufactured to be a perfect combination with Eibach PRO-KIT performance springs.

Adjust the ride height to fit your needs

Having only one car can make you really think about suspension upgrades, especially if you’re not the only driver in the family. A lower car looks better and drives better, but most people are used to a factory height. If they drive a lowered car, there is a chance you will lose your front bumper. There is a solution for situations like that. It’s called the PRO-STREET-S. With this kit from Eibach, you can adjust the ride height from 20mm to 70mm lowering. The great thing about this kit is that adjustment takes only a few minutes. When upgrading your stock suspension with the PRO-STREET-S kit, you don’t need to modify your car. This kit is bolt-on, so upgrading is easy as unbolting the stock parts. Using this kit, you can have a low car on the weekend and a car with regular height on other days.

Get Low With High-Tech Suspension

Lowering your car brings you much more than just better looks. It improves handling, cornering, it reduces your lap time, improves braking… This modification is much more than people usually think and it’s important to choose wisely when upgrading your suspension. One of the leading manufacturers of suspension parts is Bilstein. It’s world-known for its high quality products, and if this is the first time you’ve heard for Bilstein, you can’t call yourself a car enthusiast. A successful history of more than 60 years guarantees that Bilsteins engineers know how to make a great suspension for any car.

Lower car and sporty performance

If you’re looking for a kit to lower your car, the B12 pro-kit would be a perfect match for you.  With this suspension kit, you can lower your car up to 40mm and get better overall driving performance. It is the best possible combination of performance, looks and comfort you can look for in a suspension kit. If you are looking to upgrade your daily driver, this will be the perfect suspension kit for you.

Adjusting the height to meet your demands

If you’re looking for a bit more serious suspension upgrade, the Bilstein B14 kit would satisfy all of your needs. This kit allows you to adjust the ride height from -30 to -50mm in comparison to your stock suspension. Not only do you get a more aggressive look of your car, but you can also be track ready in a couple of minutes. This kit was road tested under serious motorsport conditions and it would be the best possible upgrade for your car. The flexibility of this kit allows you to take your daily driver to the track and drive it every day to work. The best part is that you can adjust the height of your car in a matter of minutes to best fit your needs.

Returning to factory conditions

Not every car enthusiast wants to lower their car and sometimes, stock height is the best way to go. If you are one of those people, it is best if you can find an OE suspension kit that will make your car feel like new. The long tradition and more than 60 years of experience make Bilstein the leading manufacturer of gas-pressured shock absorbers and it very likely that your car was originally fitted with Bilstein shocks in the first place. Bilsteins B4 shock absorbers can be fitted to almost every passenger car, returning it to its factory ride height and characteristics. A very strict standard guarantees that your car will feel like new with this replacement.

5 Signs You Are in Love with Your Car a bit more than you should

Every car enthusiast is in love with their car, there’s no doubt about it, but some people are just too much in love, they don’t even know it. We all have at least one friend that will go to the car wash every other day, post pictures of his or her car on social media and even neglect friends to spend time with their car. If you aren’t sure if you are obsessing about your car, read the signs below…

You have an account on social media dedicated for your car

Social media is so popular that people have multiple accounts. Personal accounts. You also have an account, and your car has at least one as well. That would be ok if the car is a Bond car or at least recognizable, but if it’s just a regular car, slightly modified, it’s too much. Actually, it’s too much if you post photos of your car on your personal social media account. It’s all right to be proud of your car and how it looks and drives, but don’t overdo it by boring people.

You take pictures of your car in any occasion

This situation is getting out of hand. People stopping and parking their car on the middle of a bridge to take a photo is too much! This is actually a real situation I saw with my own eyes. One guy parked his car on the middle of a bridge, ran out and took a photo of his car! I love scenic photos of good looking cars, but that was too much. It would be understandable if it was the middle of the night with no one on the bridge, but it wasn’t. So, if you risk your life to take a scenic photo of your car, you are obsessed.

You don’t have a girlfriend because you need money for parts

I think this is the ultimate sacrifice a car enthusiast can make. We all love cars, but get your priorities straight. It’s common to meet a fellow enthusiast with a project car that isn’t finished. Usually, these guys are single or rich. I’ve personally heard a couple of guys say that they don’t want to be in a relationship because it’s too expensive to take a girl for dinner or drinks, and there is so much more to do on the project car. At first, it seemed like a joke but the guys couldn’t be more serious. The worst thing is that every one of those guys were over 30 years old. I would understand a 20 something year old guy saying things like that, but a 30 year old… He should teach his kids to love cars by now.

So, if you catch yourself doing one of these three things, take a moment and think about what your life will be like in a couple of years.

A Beginner’s Guide to Car Tuning

Most of car enthusiasts don’t get to modify their cars. For some, it’s just too expensive, others don’t have support from family members, but if you’re one of the lucky ones who can actually modify their car, here are some important things you should know about tuning. First things first – plan your upgrades and do it one step at a time. The worst thing you can do is to start upgrading one part, and move on to the next without finishing.

Upgrade your intake system

The main goal when upgrading your intake system is to let the air in without or with minimum restrictions. Stock intake systems are made to let enough air in and to restrict dust from entering the engine. Aftermarket air filters, for example, let more air in, and stop even more dust particles from entering the engine. A naturally aspirated car can gain up to 10 horse power just by changing the stock air filter for a new aftermarket performance air filter.

Do a full service

This is a common mistake by many car owners, including myself. Before you start upgrading anything, be sure that your car is completely serviced and without any faulty parts. More power can cause serious problems if your car isn’t perfect, so make sure you have a healthy base to start from. By changing your oil, filters, belts and pulleys, you will be sure that your car will run smoothly. You could even feel a difference in performance when you service it, so start from there.

Upgrade your exhaust system

Upgrading the intake as well as the exhaust system will let your car breathe in and out more freely. With less restrictions, the car will have more power. Stock exhaust systems are usually made in a way to reduce noise and CO2, but it restricts airflow as well. With an upgraded exhaust system, airflow is not restricted as much, and the engine can breathe out freely. The sound the car will make after upgrading is just a bonus.

Chip tuning

This type of performance upgrade is getting cheaper and more available by the day. Although the performance boost is better on diesel cars, it’s a great investment. More and more tuning companies offer plug & play tuning chips for a lot less money than you may think. With an investment of around 150-200€, you can get an instant power boost of 30% and 15% better fuel economy. People who drive more than 20.000km per year will have a return of investment in little more than 12 months. Sounds too good to be true, but it’s possible.