Suspension Parts for Better Handling

A car’s suspension is very complex. The main function is to connect the car to the wheels, but there is a huge number of factors that depend on the suspension setup. People usually think that handling and ride quality are the only things suspension is used for, but they are wrong.

When changing or upgrading your suspension, it’s really important to use high-quality parts and buy parts that are compatible with your existing parts. The most common suspension upgrade is lowering. Stock shock absorbers can be used with lowering springs, and Eibach spring are the most used ones in the car tuning & styling community.

The first choice of car enthusiasts

The first choice and most used lowering springs in the world are the PRO-KIT performance springs. This kit was initially manufactured to be compatible with most stock shock absorbers. With this kit, you get a drop up to 40mm, a lower centre of gravity and a more aggressive look of your car. A lower car actually has better traction, it can go around corners faster and the lower centre of gravity shortens braking distance. It is the best upgrade you can do regarding looks, stability and performance. Some people even say that their cars had better mileage after lowering.

The second step to upgrading your suspension

After upgrading your springs, the next step would be to install an ANTI-ROLL KIT. With this upgrade you will have the feeling like driving on train tracks. Even when the car is lowered, there are centrifugal forces pulling and rolling your car, especially when you’re cornering or changing direction suddenly.  With the ANTI-ROLL KIT from Eibach, you get even better handling and stability. It is manufactured to be a perfect combination with Eibach PRO-KIT performance springs.

Adjust the ride height to fit your needs

Having only one car can make you really think about suspension upgrades, especially if you’re not the only driver in the family. A lower car looks better and drives better, but most people are used to a factory height. If they drive a lowered car, there is a chance you will lose your front bumper. There is a solution for situations like that. It’s called the PRO-STREET-S. With this kit from Eibach, you can adjust the ride height from 20mm to 70mm lowering. The great thing about this kit is that adjustment takes only a few minutes. When upgrading your stock suspension with the PRO-STREET-S kit, you don’t need to modify your car. This kit is bolt-on, so upgrading is easy as unbolting the stock parts. Using this kit, you can have a low car on the weekend and a car with regular height on other days.