Get Low With High-Tech Suspension

Lowering your car brings you much more than just better looks. It improves handling, cornering, it reduces your lap time, improves braking… This modification is much more than people usually think and it’s important to choose wisely when upgrading your suspension. One of the leading manufacturers of suspension parts is Bilstein. It’s world-known for its high quality products, and if this is the first time you’ve heard for Bilstein, you can’t call yourself a car enthusiast. A successful history of more than 60 years guarantees that Bilsteins engineers know how to make a great suspension for any car.

Lower car and sporty performance

If you’re looking for a kit to lower your car, the B12 pro-kit would be a perfect match for you.  With this suspension kit, you can lower your car up to 40mm and get better overall driving performance. It is the best possible combination of performance, looks and comfort you can look for in a suspension kit. If you are looking to upgrade your daily driver, this will be the perfect suspension kit for you.

Adjusting the height to meet your demands

If you’re looking for a bit more serious suspension upgrade, the Bilstein B14 kit would satisfy all of your needs. This kit allows you to adjust the ride height from -30 to -50mm in comparison to your stock suspension. Not only do you get a more aggressive look of your car, but you can also be track ready in a couple of minutes. This kit was road tested under serious motorsport conditions and it would be the best possible upgrade for your car. The flexibility of this kit allows you to take your daily driver to the track and drive it every day to work. The best part is that you can adjust the height of your car in a matter of minutes to best fit your needs.

Returning to factory conditions

Not every car enthusiast wants to lower their car and sometimes, stock height is the best way to go. If you are one of those people, it is best if you can find an OE suspension kit that will make your car feel like new. The long tradition and more than 60 years of experience make Bilstein the leading manufacturer of gas-pressured shock absorbers and it very likely that your car was originally fitted with Bilstein shocks in the first place. Bilsteins B4 shock absorbers can be fitted to almost every passenger car, returning it to its factory ride height and characteristics. A very strict standard guarantees that your car will feel like new with this replacement.